Adele Burping In A Fan’s Face After A ‘Dirty Burger’ Is The Only Glasto Video You Need To See

'Oh God, I just burped!'

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.18.57

If you needed further proof that Adele is legit the realest superstar on the planet, here it is.

The Grammy-winning singer performed in front of a 100,000-strong crowd at Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage on Saturday night, bringing fans to tears with renditions of Hello, Someone Like You and other hits from her three albums.

But it’s this clip, taken when she brought a Brazilian fan named Maria up on stage for an impromptu selfie, that really had us wishing we’d been there to see the set live.

Mid-selfie, Adele bursts into laughter before yelping, “Oh my god, I just burped!”

She blamed her gastro issues on the “dirty burger” she’d had before going on stage. Yep, even Adele needs a dose of fast food to get her through a festival weekend, it seems.


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