Adorable Or Super Risky? This Guy Surprised His Girlfriend By Hiding A Ring Inside A Bath Bomb

It's creative, we'll give him that.

Bath Bomb Ring 1

Public proposals are getting more and more outlandish which is why we kinda like the simple but super sweet way this girl’s boyfriend chose to make a romantic gesture at home instead.

Twitter user Kennessy took to the social media site to show her followers the pretty blue bath bomb her other half at given her before settling into the tub.

Bath Bomb Proposal

While the blue fizzy looked like any other bath bomb you’d drop into the tub, once dissolved it revealed a diamond ring, encased in a small plastic cover.

Bath Bomb Ring

Bath Bomb Ring 1

Adorable, right? Still we can’t help imagining what would have happened if she’d dropped it and lost it down the plughole with the bath water. Argh!

While the romantic gesture would certainly make for one helluva marriage proposal, Kennessy later clarified that it wasn’t actually an engagement ring but a promise ring.

Still, we wouldn’t say no to a fella who’s prepared to run us a bath and give us diamonds.