Ah! So This Is Why Fans Think Avril Lavigne Died 14 Years Ago

"Like I'm not saying Avril is dead but... Avril is dead."

Fans of Avril Lavigne are convinced that the Sk8er Boy singer passed away in 2003, and that she’s been impersonated by a look-alike singer called Melissa since then.

Of course, it’s just a conspiracy theory so none of their ‘evidence’ is supported by fact. But, here’s what they’ve suggested took place 14 years ago…

When Avril was thrust into the spotlight at the age of 18, she found the paparazzi difficult to deal with as she’d lived a predominantly quiet life in Ontario, Canada. Because of the stress, she hired a look-alike called Melissa, taught her to sing, and paid her to attend events in her place.

However, when Avril’s grandad passed away the following year, the singer couldn’t cope with her grief and allegedly took her own life. Conspiracy theorists on Twitter believe that her record label didn’t want to disappoint fans (or miss out on all the money Avril was making for them) and so asked Melissa to impersonate Avril full-time.

Differences in music style, birth marks, and handwriting have ‘proven’ that Avril is gone and Melissa is here to stay.

See the conspiracy thread from Twitter below…

What do you think of this conspiracy theory? Have we really been bopping to Melissa this whole time?

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