Ah, That Makes Sense! Liam Reveals Why He And Cheryl Chose To Name Their Baby Son ‘Bear’

It's all about character aspiration.

When Cheryl and Liam revealed that they had named their baby boy ‘Bear,’ the world was less than impressed, thinking that the celebrity couple should’ve picked something a bit more traditional.

But it’s now come to light that there’s a reason behind the unusual name choice.

Last night, adventurer Bear Grylls tweeted that he was a fan of the name (obvs…) saying, “Great choice! Love & blessings to you guys as you start on the greatest adventure… @CherylOfficial @LiamPayne.”

Liam quickly replied, “Thanks man hope he grows with an ounce of your courage! Your [sic] a boss.”

So it seems that the name was chosen in the hope that Bear will grow up to be courageous.

This is actually quite common in certain cultures. In some countries throughout Africa, it’s believed that the name of a child can influence the the life of both them and their family. It’s thought that a name acts as a pointer to the person’s hopes, dreams and aspirations. That is why names such as ‘Princess’, ‘Joy’, and ‘Honour’ are so popular.

Bear doesn’t have any particular meaning aside from that of the animal, so it seems that Cheryl and Liam hope that their son will be grow up to be courageous and strong. We can’t argue with that, can we?

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