Aidan Turner Would Like Us All To Stop Talking About His Abs, Thanks Very Much

And that one Poldark scene in particular.

Poldark is one of the best historical dramas to come from the BBC in years, but let’s face it, sometimes we only watch it for a look at the glorious ride that Irish actor Aidan Turner.

One scene in particular in the show’s first series sent the Dublin actor shooting to the top of countless Most Desirable Actor lists. You probably remember the episode we mean:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.47.30

Yep, got it in one. The scything scene. With the pecs. And the abs.

While Poldark has definitely given Aidan and his co-star Eleanor Tomlinson a name internationally, Eleanor did gently admonish fans this weekend for being so, shall we say, enthusiastic about Aidan’s body.

Poldark is about so much more than that one thing. And although of course it [the topless scene] is dream publicity for the show and it certainly grabbed people’s attention, they didn’t want it to be known just for that,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

As for Aidan, Eleanor added that he too was a bit overwhelmed by all the attention his physique got after the episode aired.

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“I mean, Aidan’s a beautiful man – absolutely gorgeous – but I think he would like to be recognised for his performance, and I would like to stop being asked about his chest,” she said.

Given that she plays Aidan’s love interest in the show, was Eleanor aware of their incredible on-screen chemistry before shooting for the show began? Of course, she says, thanks to the producer’s decision to run a “chemistry test” early on in the audition process.

“From the moment you start saying your lines, you can sense whether there’s something between you or not. They’ll make you read through a romantic scene to see whether there’s a frisson. You’re also very aware whether or not people are enjoying what they’re seeing.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.48.38

Despite the undeniable connection though, the 24-year-old actress admitted the pair do still find it a challenge to record sex scenes together without getting the giggles.

“I’m a complete kid when it comes to sex scenes,” she says. “It takes me at least two takes to stop laughing. And Aidan’s the same – both of us will be laughing our heads off. It’s because they’re so incredibly awkward. Even when they close the set there are still 25 people there, and don’t forget you’ve rehearsed it like a series of manoeuvres.”

Yeah, we’d probably get a bit giggly if we had to get down n’dirty with Aidan Turner too…


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