Aisling Bea Used Kelly Clarkson To Get Back At Her Ex, And It Was Hilarious

That's one way to handle a breakup...


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Dealing with a bad breakup is the worst, and it can be hard to know what to do. Eat a tub of Häagen-Dazs? Watch sad films? Burn all their photos?

Well, maybe Aisling Bea’s method might work for you.

While on the Kelly Clarkson show, Aisling revealed that after her uni boyfriend ended things, she sat him down and mimed Kelly’s Because of You to him.

She revealed to Kelly, “I had a memory resurface recently as a sort of ‘Oh God, please never let this make the press!’ So I feel like I’m getting ahead of it.'”


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So while Aisling was at uni, she had a very serious three-week relationship. However, things tragically ended when he got back together with his ex. So they arranged for him to come over and pick up his things, and that’s when Aisling’s breakup plan was set in motion.

“When he came round, the narrative was, ‘I am going to be very powerful and beautiful in this moment, and that’s what he will leave with’.

“I got him to sit down and watch me mime to Because of You because I wanted him to understand the legacy of distrust this would have on me down the line.”

To make the situation a little bit more funny and dramatic, Aisling, of course, added visual effects, “I had my hairdryer plugged in, and I pointed it at myself.” she explained as she tossed her hair to give us a glimpse of what it looked like.

Kelly adored her story, saying, “I love it. It says a lot about you that you didn’t go to Since You Been Gone. You went to Because of You”


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Needless to say, Aisling is a huge Kelly Clarkson fan, and she let Kelly know it, telling her, “I feel like a competition winner. I’ve been the biggest fan, and I feel like I’ve manipulated an acting career and a BAFTA just so I could get close to you.”

I mean, for the chance to meet Kelly Clarkson, who wouldn’t?

While her love for Kelly was, of course, the reason for her appearance, she was also there to promote her new film, Home Sweet Home Alone, the latest instalment in the Home Alone franchise.

Words by Sláine McKenna

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