Alcohol Is Ruining Your Orgasm

Fan of happy hour? New research says it could be ruining your happy ending.

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We’ll be passing up on our Friday night drinks if the findings of this new study are anything to go by.

The study, published in the Journal of Sex research has found that too much booze can affect your ability to orgasm.

The researchers kept 18 female university students at different blood alcohol levels as they watched porn and masturbated with the aim of reaching a climax.

The results “showed a progressive and systematic depressant effect of alcohol on orgasmic responding”,  say the study’s authors – or in other words, the higher the women’s blood alcohol content the harder it was for them to, er, cross the finish line.

“Alcohol is a depressant, and by it’s very nature it slows down reaction times and dulls the senses,” explains Shawna Scott, owner of adult store Sex Siopa. “So it’s not surprising that it would have similar effects on our genitals, as they are part of our body after all.”

The more you drink, the more it will affect your body’s reactions and that includes your lady bits.

Does that mean you should be swearing off alcohol completely then? Well, no, cos the study group also found, that while the women could achieve an orgasm most easily when no alcohol had been consumed, they also discovered that a tipple or two is not without its benefits when it comes to the bedroom.

“Modest intake of alcohol, however, may be expected to result in greater feelings of sexual arousal, a more enjoyable orgasmic experience, and only a moderate increase in the time it takes to reach orgasm,” the study group explained.

Shawna reckons a little liquor can be beneficial too. “A drink or two can be great for some people to loosen up their inhibitions a bit, but just bear in mind the more you drink, the more it will affect your body’s reactions and that includes your lady bits,” she says.