Amanza Smith Has Ended Her Feud With Selling Sunset Co-Star Chrishell

They’ve finally mended the friendship!


It seems Chrishell Stause and Selling Sunset co-star Amanza Smith, are finally burying the hatchet.

Joining the Jana Kramer show on Monday, Amanza chatted all about her supposed falling out with Chrishell and revealed the pair had actually mended the friendship during her stint in hospital after a serious spinal infection.

Amanza explained to the listeners: “Before I went into the hospital, I had a falling out with my dear friend Chrishell. I’ve never had a falling out like this with anybody. We had a misunderstanding.”

She later revealed that the drama arose while they were filming season seven of the hit reality show, noting it “carried a little bit on afterwards – a lot afterwards – and I felt really strongly about it”.


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The real estate agent revealed she had been ready to put an end to their friendship saying: “I was done. I was done with her. I didn’t like the way she moved through the situation that we had been in. I was very vocal about it.”

In May, it was discovered after a month of excruciating back pain that Amanza had somehow ended up contracting a severely life threatening spinal infection called vertebral osteomyelitis. The infection is incredibly rare but is fatal to two out of every ten patients that contract it.

During her recovery Amanza revealed to her utmost surprise that Chrishell reached out. She said: “I love Chrishell. She had been a really dear friend. When I was in the hospital, she reached out to me and it made me so emotional. In my head, I was like, ‘What the f*ck are we even arguing about?’ And we’ve talked since and we’re good.”


While the reason for the feud has never been revealed, many fans speculated it was to do with Chrishell’s actions towards the newest agent to join the series, Nicole Young, who Amanza happens to be good friends with.

In season six Nicole claimed that Chrishell took credit for two of her listings three years ago. Later Chrishell accused the new agent of taking drugs and acting “cracked out” throughout the sixth season of the show.

If these two can bury the hatchet, maybe Chrishell and Nicole can also find a way to put the past in the past.