Amy Huberman FaceTimed A J1 Student’s Mam During Trip To New York

The power of the internet eh?!

Amy Huberman has proved she’s pure sound after a concerned mammy reached out to her on Instagram.

The actress was enjoying a trip to New York with hubby Brian O’Driscoll when a woman named Yvonne joked to keep an eye out for her son Sean.

“My son Sean is on his J1 in new york if you see him ask him to face time.his mam some more thanks…” Yvonne joked.

Amy got back to her and told her she was ‘on it’.

Son Sean spotted the exchange on Instagram and got in touch with Amy to organise a Facetime call to his mammy.

Over the weekend, Sean and Amy met up and called Yvonne together.

“A lovely lady called Yvonne left a comment yesterday to say if I bumped into her son Sean in New York on his J1 to tell him to FaceTime his Ma more!” she explained.

“He saw it & messaged me and we arranged our coordinates just now to FaceTime home to his Ma. Jaysus the world is tiny and Yvonne he’s grand and washing behind his ears! Gowan the Irish sons!”

Yvonne commented on the latest post to reveal that the exchange was ‘brilliant’.

“We had such fun…best wet n miserable Sunday EVER!”

The power of the internet eh?!


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