‘An Embarrassment’: Mischa Barton Is Getting Serious Backlash For Her Most Recent Instagram Post

She's since deleted it.

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Someone on Mischa Barton’s social media team is getting a grilling today.

Mischa was one of many celebrities who took to social media in recent days to express her sadness and anger at the shooting of Alton Sterling by police in Louisiana, but she’s since had to delete it after a whole heap of backlash came her way.

In the post, the actress said she was “truly heartbroken” after hearing about the shooting and asked her followers to “stop, reflect and act appropriately.”

So far, so good, right? Right, except Mischa chose to share her message alongside a snap of herself in a bikini, sipping Rosé on a yacht.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 10.16.24


Within minutes, the post had received a barrage of negative comments, with followers condemning her “shameless” self-promotion and calling her an “embarrassment.”

Ouch. Mischa has since deleted the photo and replaced her post with another image, this time not featuring herself. A smart move, we reckon.