And Just Like That Writer Addresses Harry In *That* Scene

If you know, you know...

It’s safe to say that the SATC reboot is getting a whole lot of mixed reactions, especially as we make our way through more episodes. It’s been full of surprises, from the unexpected death to Miranda’s new relationship. But there’s one NSFW scene in particular that left viewers a tad shocked, there’s not many of us who were expecting it.

That scene, of course, is when Harry went full frontal and let’s just say that he is quite well endowed *insert side-eye emoji here*

Well, the writers have since felt the need to explain Harry’s, eh, size and they also confirmed whether or not a prosthetic was used. Yep, let’s get into it.

It turns out they included it as a nod to the original series, if you can cast your mind back you’ll remember Charlotte raving about their sex life to the gals when she and Harry first started dating.

“I decided, many people agreed with me, that he would have a substantial penis,” showrunner Michael Patrick King explained on The Writers Room podcast.

“Because one of the things that Charlotte says about Harry in Sex And The City is [their] great sex life: that she’s repulsed by it, but she wants him.

“And not that your sex life is dependent on your penis size. But when you’re going to show his penis, let’s make it be something that’s a nice size.”

Michael went on to explain that they used a prosthetic penis, so actor Evan Handler didn’t actually have to go fully nude, and that it was genuinely thought out. “It wasn’t enough for us to have it happen like in other TV shows where you never see the dick,” he added.

Well, there you have it.