Apparently Carole Baskin Now Owns Joe Exotic’s Zoo

We didn't see that one coming

Just as we have all been coming down from the Tiger King hype, a new saga to the tale has emerged, and it’s one we never saw coming.

It has been reported that Carole Baskin, arch-nemesis of Joe Exotic, has been granted the zoo formerly owned by Joe.

Joe is currently serving 22 years in prison for two counts of murder for hire and various animal abuse charges. Upon entering prison, Joe left his zoo in the charge of Jeff Lowe, his former business partner, which he claims to have legally transferred the area to both his mother and Jeff several years ago in order for them to avoid becoming a part of a legal dispute with Carole.

However, a judge has recently ruled that this transfer was in fact fraudulent. And, if you’ve watched Tiger KingĀ you would be aware that Joe was ordered to pay Big Cat Rescue close to $1 million in settlement for a trademark infringement lawsuit, this saw Joe use the Big Cat Rescue’s logo on his own YouTube videos and various other platforms.

Now, to come back to bite Joe in the arse, a judge has ruled that Carole is to be granted full control of Joe’s Oklahoma zoo in order to settle the $1 million dispute.

Well, hate to be Joe.