Apparently Love Island 2020 Will Not Be Filmed In The UK

Love Island and rain? Not a good combo.

Earlier this week, Variety reported that the hit TV show could be filmed somewhere in the UK instead of Spain, as the constant stream of travelling contestants leaving and entering the villa poses a massive threat.

But, according to The Irish Sun, summer Love Island 2020 will now not be filmed in the UK. An insider at the show revealed; “Talk of host- ing the show in the UK has been vetoed.”


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They went on to say that; “There would be nothing more depressing than seeing lovers huddled under blankets and umbrellas and stomping around in wellies.”

“It has that holiday vibe which they just wouldn’t be able to ever replicate on a dreary Wednesday in September in London.”

We couldn’t agree more. It would be miserable watching the islanders pretending to be warm, whilst freezing in their bikinis.


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Despite that it does seem we will, understandably, have to wait longer to see the hit show back on our screens; “if lockdown restrictions are lifted soon crew will work towards an August or September start date.”

The show’s producers are trying their best to work through the restrictions currently in place and have been interviewing candidates through video link.


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Apparently the producers are taking the planning of the show one week at a time and feel confident that by September they should be able to film the series in the infamous villa in Majorca. However, islanders may have to take a test to be sure they don’t have the virus beforehand.

We are so happy that we had the extra series in January this year, as a summer without Love Island feels pretty bleak!


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