Are Love Island’s Paige And Finn Engaged?

The internet seems to think so


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One of Love Island’s most loved couples Paige Turley and Finn Tapp have sparked rumours that they’re engaged, but is there any truth to the hearsay?

The rumours began earlier this week when Finn shared during an Instagram Q&A that he’s planning on marrying Paige. Answering the question “Do you think you will marry Paige?” with “when not if”. Fans immediately went into overdrive, assuming there was something the couple weren’t telling us.

Clearing up any confusion, the couple told Digital Spy: 

“I think it’s quite comical, to be fair” (the rumours).

“It’s like, where have you got that from?”

Speaking up, Finn assured that he and Paige do plan on tying the knot someday, just not right now.

“Yeah, that’s one thing. What we always say is: it’s going to be something that we hope, you know, definitely happens… Not soon, but…”

“In time!”

Right, we won’t buy a hat just yet then so.

However, while wedding bells may not be on the way for now, the two have said that they’re very excited to enjoy some date nights together as lockdown restrictions ease.

“We’ve had a year of being in pyjamas and being in loungewear sets. From now, it’s like going out on first dates again,” said Paige.

“We haven’t experienced just Paige popping out to work, and coming home, and I’ve got dinner ready for her, or me going to football in the evening. Do you know what I mean?” added Finn.

“We haven’t experienced that. So it’d be nice to start experiencing that. And that’s when we can start fitting in when these next stages happen.”