Are Nicola Peltz And Victoria Beckham Friends Again? EYNTK About Their Alleged Feud

All's well that ends well!

It’s long been thought that Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham are feuding โ€“ and that the continued animosity between them was coming from Victoria’s end.

Nicola is married to Victoria’s eldest son, Brooklyn; and while the American model initially seemed to be welcomed with open arms, things soon changed.

Though no-one knows exactly what happened, fans of the very public Beckham clan noticed that they appeared to be quietly distancing themselves from Nicola online.

Victoria went from posting with Nicola often to not engaging with her on social media at all; and then MailOnline reported that there had been a clash over the young couple’s wedding plans.

Allegedly, Victoria and Nicola were disagreeing over details about the big day, and things came to a head when Nicola chose not to have Victoria, a fashion designer, design her dress.

In a slightly awkward interview, Nicola defended her decision to Variety.

“I was going to and I really wanted to (wear a dress of Victoria’s), and then a few months down the line, she realised that her atelier couldn’t do it, so then I had to pick another dress.”

Sources to the MailOnline also suggested that Nicola was frustrated with her mother in law’s self-involvement on the day โ€“ like doing a mother and son dance before Nicola and Brooklyn’s first dance.

Some also pointed out that Victoria would only refer to the newlyweds as “the Beckhams”, not the “Peltz Beckchams”, the name they both took in marriage.

Nicola’s posts after her wedding did not feature any of the Beckham gang aside from Brooklyn, and she awkwardly captioned a nine picture Instagram carousel where the absence was obvious, “Family is everything to me”.



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After the wedding, things seemed to cool off after a while.

While Nicola began posting pictures of the Beckham family and sharing snaps with Victoria in them, the latter seemed intent on continuing to ignore her daughter in law online.

That is, until this month!

In a surprise move from Victoria, the fashion icon has directly corresponded with Nicola online for her birthday โ€“ and it seems to put the rumours to rest.


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On her Instagram, Victoria shared a cute throwback clip of her and Nicola dancing on a beach.

She captioned the post, “Happy birthday @NicolaAnnePeltzBeckhamโ€ฆ We love you so much!! Your love, kindness, talent and your ability to dance on sand in a major wedge!!

“The best dance partner and loving daughter in law,” she continued, adding “We love you, have an amazing day!!!!! Xxxxxx”

Ahh, bless.

It looks as though the trouble in paradise has come to an end; finally!