Are They Back On? Kylie Jenner Just Snapchatted From Her Ex Tyga’s Bed And Everyone Is Very Confused

Um, didn't they split up? Did we miss something?

Kylie and Tyga

Kylie and Tyga broke up last month… or at least we thought they did.

Either they didn’t break up at all or they did split and have now gotten back together, because Kylie has been Snapchatting from her ex’s bed, which isn’t typically a place you’d hang out if you weren’t, y’know, together.

KJ posted the snap yesterday, which showed her lounging in Tyga’s bed, whilst using the Kingston filter.

Kylie Jenner Snapchat

To give you a little background, Tyga is also currently in Kingston, Jamaica, filming his new music video.

Right, so what’s going on?

TMZ reports that “Kylie flew down to JA for Tyga’s music video shoot — she’s not in it, she was just there to lend her support,” but even though the pair are hanging out, apparently they’re just pals.

“Even though Kylie posted a pic of herself on a bed down there — and it was Tyga’s bed — we’re told they really are “just friends,” says the celebrity gossip site. “Kylie’s been getting very close to PartyNextDoor, but we’re told she and Tyga still text constantly, and she’s even gone over to his house a few times.”

Hum, we don’t know about you, but when two exes are hanging out so soon after a split, it’s usually far from platonic. Something tells us that this is one celebrity romance that we haven’t heard the last of.


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