Ariana Grande And Her Tour Crew Got Matching Tattoos As A ‘Symbol Of Unity’ For Manchester

Scores of others are remembering the victims in this way too.

Ariana Grande has gone above and beyond to honour those affected by last month’s terror attack in Manchester, but she’s now taken another step to remember the 22 people whose lives were taken and the dozens of others who are still recovering from their injuries.

The 20-year-old pop star and her Dangerous Woman tour crew have reportedly gotten matching tattoos of the famous ‘Manchester Bee’, as a forever-symbol of togetherness.

Traditionally, the bee was a sign of Manchester’s hard-working, industrial past. The city’s textile mills were described as “hives of activity” in the 1800s, and the phrase and symbol have stuck around since.

Now, the bee represents how the people of Manchester came together in the face of evil, and how they cared for one another during this difficult time.

Ariana and her friends aren’t the only ones remembering the victims in this way, as scores of others have been setting the trend over the past week.

The Sun has said that artists from tattoo parlour, Manchester Ink, joined Ariana and her crew backstage after the concert to create the body art – but it’s unknown as of yet where Ariana chose to have the bee inked onto her body.

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