Ariana Grande Banned Carole Baskin From Appearing In Her Music Video

Yeah, we're just as confused

Ariana Grande has vetoed Carole Baskin from appearing in her latest music video.

Earlier this week, both Ariana and Justin Bieber released a new charity song ‘Stuck With U’, with the aim of it being to raise money for scholarships for the children of first responders who are working through the coronavirus pandemic.

Coming up with an idea for the music video, Justin and Ariana decided to ask their fans and celeb friends to record themselves at home, bopping to the song (you know, people in high places), and they would merge all of these clips together to make a video that was reflective of the time.

Unexpectedly, the two got a few more replies than they expected, including one from Tiger King fame, Carole Baskin, which Ariana quickly turned down.

Sharing the clip of Carole and her husband dancing on Twitter, Justin wrote:

“Tonight. #stuckwithu . He ain’t going nowhere” We’re assuming he’s referring to Carole’s husband.

Wasting no time setting the record straight, Ariana quickly replied to the clip with:

“for the record, I did not allow or approve this clip to be in the actual video. but. nonetheless. it exists and that’s ….. unique. Anyway, 7.5 hours!”

Right, well we’re assuming Ari is team Joe Exotic then.

While poor Carole, unfortunately, didn’t get to make her music video debut, plenty of other celebs did, with the like of the Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Ariana’s new man all making an appearance.