Ashley Graham Is Getting High Praise For Sharing A ‘Real’ Photo Of Her Pregnancy Body

"My body looks EXACTLY like this"


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Ashley Graham is receiving high praise after sharing a ‘real’ photo of her pregnancy body.

The model announced earlier this month that she and her husband Justin Ervin after expecting their first child after nine years of marriage.

Over the weekend, Ashley shared a close-up shot of her stomach, legs and breasts in which her stretch marks are visible.


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“Same same but a little different,” she wrote as the caption.

Thousands of people shared positive comments (and sadly some negative ones too, because we can’t have nice things!) under the photo, with many of them saying that the realistic photo reminded them of their own bodies.

“My body looks EXACTLY like this ? I’m not really proud of it…just saying that some of us don’t have smooth skin or flat tummies like other women ? We come in different shapes, sizes and colors, but we deserve to be loved and respected just like everybody else ?” one woman wrote.

Another said: “First thing I saw when I got on Insta, thought it was meee?‍♀️. BEAUTIFUL: GIFT OF A WOMAN”

One follower simply wrote: “You make me love myself more…”

The Instagram Vs Reality trend can be a bit draining and feel a bit forced, especially when the ‘real’ photos are just slightly less perfect than the one before, but this type of body positivity can be really encouraging.

Ashley’s photo reminds us that even the most beautiful women in the world have stretch marks and lumps and bumps. Recognising ourselves in celebrities’ ‘real’ photographs can help to teach us that there is not one kind of body that is right.


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