Ask James: ‘My Friend’s Boyfriend Keeps Sending Me Dick Pics – What Should I Do?’

James Kavanagh answers your problems the way only a gas bitch can.

Question: My best friend’s boyfriend keeps Snapchatting me dick pics, or pics of him in his towel in the bathroom. It’s happened no less than 5 times now, and I keep replying along the lines of ‘wtf’? And his response is always “sorry, thought it was Alison!” (his girlfriend/ my best friend). How do I put an end to this? Roisin, Cork

James says: Well, it’s undeniable he’s trying to catch your attention… We all know ‘A’ and ‘R’ aren’t even close to each-other on the alphabet *knowing/suspicious eyes emoji*. A) he’s being a creep and B) he’s virtually cheating on your friend. As the old saying goes, Snapdick me once, scarlet for both of us, Snapdick me twice, scarlet for you. No one appreciates a digital flasher.

I would start screen-grabbing the dick pics; that’ll put the fear into him and he should stop. If that doesn’t stop him, keep doing it until you’ve enough to make a cover photo out of them for your Facebook page, that’ll surely teach him. And don’t forget to tag him!

This article first appeared in the January issue of STELLAR Magazine. our February issue is on shelves now.

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