Awkward! Tyga’s New Rap Song Includes Some Pretty Scathing Lyrics Aimed At Kylie

They broke up two months ago.

Kylie and Tyga

Tyga dropped his new rap song Playboy on Friday and fans were quick to pick up on the fact that it appears to call out his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

The lyrics, which go, “She a superstar and got it bad for me, if I hang up she call right back to me, you cut her legs off she crawl right back to me,” make the rapper’s 19-year-old ex out be someone who’s super clingy and over attached, and people feel kind of bad for her.

One person tweeted that he’s not usually a fan of Kylie but Tyga’s new song has made him respect her more.

The pair broke up at the beginning of April and the make-up mogul has already moved on with her rumoured new boyfriend Travis Scott, so she’s probably not too phased by Tyga’s new tune.

Never a dull day in the life of a Jenner.

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