Ayo’s Head Turns In Casa Amor, & Matilda’s Looking Elsewhere In Tonight’s Love Island


Casa Amor is officially up and running, and it’s safe to say that some heads are going to be turned…

The girls were the first to meet the new boys, and in the Casa villa tonight, new boy Jake makes his feelings clear to Matilda.

Comforting Nicole about Ciaran, Jake says: “Nicole, don’t worry. I really like you and Ciaran.”

Matilda asks: “What about Sean?” Jake replies: “You’re safe with him if you wanted to.”

Matilda replies: “What? Why? I so feel like he’s going to be cracking on…”

Jake says: “It’s early days, so of course. But what I’m saying… I just feel like he’s punching big time with you.” Ooft.

Matilda laughs and says: “Oh! Oh bless him. Bless Seany, that’s a nice thing to say though – to me, not to him.”

Jake adds: “Hopefully I get to tell him. I might be holding your hand…”

Later, when it comes to going to bed, Nicole and Mimii choose to sleep outside out of respect to their couples, while Jake says to Matilda, “Matilda, you’re with me.”

But will she go with him?

Elsewhere, new boy Hugo tells Jess: “Initially I was attracted to you, you’re beautiful, your presence is there even if you don’t say anything. I sort of get the vibe you know what you want, you know what you’re looking for.”

Jess replies: “You are right, yeah.”

Explaining her situation with Trey, Jess tells him: “I only just met him, I get on well with everybody, especially the boys and stuff, I kind of have the same banter as the boys, which is why I get in trouble with the girls sometimes because I’m quite brutal in the things I say.

“But that’s because I speak the truth. But then you can give it back to me. Give it back to me. That’s why I want somebody who I can give it, but give it back to me.”

As they continue to get to know each other Jess adds: “You’re very handsome, the more I look at you.”

Hugo says: “I did see you staring at me at the fire pit a little bit.” Jess replies: “I am good at eye contact.”

Hugo says: “That’s a massive thing for me. Especially those blue ones.”

Hugo then smoothly continues: “That’s what I was going to warn you, I do snore a little bit. Obviously me and you are sharing a bed aren’t we?”

We mean………. that’s an absolute yes by the sounds of things.

Meanwhile back at the main villa, the boys are surprised by six new girls. New girl Jessica asks Ayo: “What’s your type?”

Ayo laughs: “I can’t say it… You, innit. I love a pretty face. That’s my problem.”

Jessica smiles: “Pretty faces are meant to cause problems…”

Ayo replies: “Facts,” before adding, “You are doing that as we speak. Causing problems.”

Jessica says: “I’m actually not, but I have to make the most of it and go after what I want. I have like two that I’m drawn towards. I believe in the law of attraction. What you put out you’ll manifest. And I think about Ayo, and here he is.”

Poor Mimii, honestly.

Later on, Sean asks Ayo where his head is at. Ayo says: “Jess, she’s a nice girl, bro. That’s how I get on with people naturally. A bit of flirty, small, small here and there.”

Sean replies: “Mimii’s amazing… but you’ve woke up buzzing, I can feel the energy between you and Jess proper like bouncing off each other.”

Ayo says: “It’s definitely good with Mimii. She brings that calm to me a lot more. She has a different energy to her.”

Sean asks: “Initial reaction off of Jess, do you get that?”

Ayo replies: “Yeah, I do. I feel like she’d get a lot more out of me in terms of that laughy, jokey.”

Sean adds: “They’re all beautiful girls, can’t worry about what’s going on over in Casa…”

Later when Ayo and Jessica speak again Ayo admits: “You’re definitely my cup of tea, so… ok, this is going to be… very interesting.”

Jessica replies: “Very interesting…”

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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