Backstage With Roz Purcell At The VIP Style Awards: Her Hair, Her Predictions & Why She’s NOT Bringing Bressie!

Roz reckons she knows who's going to win most stylish at tonight's Peter Mark VIP Style Awards!

Roz Purcell backstage at the VIP Style Awards 2015

Fresh from her ‘do with Peter Mark’s styling wizard, Michael Doyle, we caught up with model (and foodie) of the moment, Roz Purcell, who’s hitting up tonight’s Peter Mark VIP Style Awards to ask her what she’s wearing, who her predictions are, and how exactly she gets that hair looking oh-so-great.

“I don’t really get to go out much – it’s fun to dress up and not be going to a job,” she says about tonight’s bash.

So who’s she gonna have on her arm then? Bressie, we assume?

Think again: “Tonight’s my night to just have a few drinks, and no, I’m not bringing Bressie… In fairness I don’t really like going to things in couples, and we don’t like pics together at big public events.”

Instead, she’ll have sister Rachel on her arm, who she also brought to last year’s event. “I went last year. I thought it was really fun to go and get dolled up,” Rachel tells us.

Roz has some awards predictions, so she’s clearly been looking in her crystal ball. “I can tell you now who’s winning,” she laughs. “I won last year so it’d be like winning the Lotto!  My money’s on Pippa,” she confirms, adding, “I think Nicky Byrne will do it for the guys.”

She thinks Lisa Fitzpatrick is a shoe-in for look of the year and as for what she’ll be wearing herself, well, we’ve got the exclusive there too.

“I’m wearing one of mine again, a new limited collection from Scribe by Roz,” she reveals. “It’s actually a suit jacket dress and they’re all metallics, it’s a bit out there – it’s probably a bit too out there, and I got these amazing big earrings Tuleste in metallic pink.”

We can’t wait to see the look, but right now we can dish the deets on Roz’s hair.

“We’re going for pure gloss, poker straight, and keeping it simple. It’s much more edgy rather than putting it in an updo,” says Michael Doyle from Peter Mark.

“My outfit is loud enough,” laughs Roz.

Redken Pure Force

“I’m just using a large Ghd, keeping it pulled straight, and finishing it with a product called Pure Force by Redken,” reveals Michael, who adds that it’s a strong setting agent.

Roz wanted to know if it’d last the night. Michael’s answer? “Absolutely.”