Bad News Ladies And Gents! Lewis Capaldi Is Officially Taken

"She's got red hair, she's got quite a posh voice"

Lewis Capaldi has just broken hearts all around the globe, revealing that he’s now in a relationship with a mystery lady.

The Scottish singer confirmed the news during a zoom call with a fan, as reported by The Scottish Sun. 

Apparently Lewis made the revelation when he was asked if he prefers being in a relationship or living the single life, to which he replied:

“Well, I’m in a relationship so if I said the other one, my girlfriend would kill me.”

Continuing he said: “I’ve never told anybody that I’m in a relationship, so there you go.”


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So, who is this girlfriend he speaks of? Do we know her? Can we have a snoop on her Instagram?

Well, unfortunately for us that’s a negative, as Lewis kept pretty tight-lipped about the identity of the lucky lady. The Scottish Sun have claimed that the mystery lady is Aberdeen native Catherine Halliday, but since there’s no solid evidence to support that claim yet, we’re going to assume otherwise.

He did however give a quick description of her, which is better than nothing we suppose.

“She’s got red hair,” and, “she’s got quite a posh voice.”

“And that’s that, that’s all you’re getting.”

Does it sound a bit like Geri Halliwell? Surely not?


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Geri or not, Lewis did said that he’s happier than ever and while the two can’t see one another at the minute with current lockdown restrictions, he did say that he’s looking forward to being reunited eventually.

“I finished my tour the week before quarantine started, and she was here for that.”

So, we’re guessing we can expect some loved up tracks from his next album then.



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