Barbie Becomes Most Successful Movie Ever In Ireland

Pop off, Greta!

Image via Warner Bros, Barbie

“Hi Barbie,” is about to become the new “Dia Duit”!

The Barbie Movie has become the most successful film in Ireland box office history.

The pinktastic flick drew filmgoers to cinemas around the country and to nobody’s surprise, it proved to be a hit!

The film raked in a whooping €8,854,036 in the box office.

This means that it passed out James Cameron’s Avatar on its initial release in 2009 where it made €8,702,770.

And it rightly deserves it!

Don’t we all want to live in Barbieland?

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has also surpassed Titanic (1997), which made €8,253,258 after its release.

The film of course has some Irish faces in it, with Nicola Coughlan playing Diplomat Barbie in a cameo in the film.

While dancer Adam Fogarty appears as one of the Kens in the incredible dance scenes in the flick.

Nicola shared her delight at being cast in Barbie, admitting that she realised that she unable to play a bigger role in the film due to time constraints.

“When I found out she wanted to have me be part of @barbiethemovie, and then that I probably wouldn’t be able to make it work because of my schedule I was firstly elated and quickly heartbroken,“ she shared on social media.

“So when I was asked if I wanted to pop into Barbieland even briefly my answer was an immediate, and very emphatic yes.”

And we’re so delighted she could!