Bella Hadid Is Wearing Jane Norman, And We’ve Got So Many Questions

According to British Vogue, Bella has brought the brand 'back from the dead'.


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There’s vintage Chanel, vintage Louis, and then there’s vintage Jane Norman. So, my first question is obvious; is Bella aware that she’s wearing a piece of fashion history?

I remember when I was a pre-teen, every summer we’d go on our family holidays to Tramore, and for one day during that holiday, we’d take a trip into the hustle and bustle of the city (Waterford).

It was there I had my first encounter with Jane Norman. The cool “teenager” store, that I would peruse, eyeing up and down the actual teenagers in there and trying so desperately to mimic the way they did everything. For me, like many, Jane Norman from that moment became an important part of my adolescence. On various trips back to Waterford on my holidays, it was there that I purchased my first disco dress, my “funky jeans” that featured risqué bottom bedazzles, and sometimes, just a random tank top, so like every other millennial in 2006, I could walk around with their signature shopper bag.

Ah, good ol’ Jane Norman left it’s mark on my heart, and so, it’s absolutely gas to see Bella Hadid wearing the brand in an Instagram snap.

Does anyone still have the top she’s wearing? Because you’re sure to make a fortune now.

With one photo to her 30+ million followers, Bella Hadid told us without saying anything that yes, in fact, she can pull off absolutely anything and that does include the UK chain that shut up shop in 2018.

What’s even better is British Vogue’s coverage of the incredible crossover, noting that Bella Hadid has in fact, single-handedly, brought the brand “back from the dead”.

Unfortunately for Bella, however, it looks like she never got to experience the true joy of a Jane Norman store as she picked up her top from a vintage seller. According to Instagram, Bella nabbed the floral piece from Yesterday’s Babe Vintage.

Well, that was a #TB. Will Jane Norman ever open its doors again? If so, Bella for ambassador. Those Y2K rails would be snatched now.


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