BeyDay… Literally! This US State Just Officially Dedicated An Entire Day To Beyoncé

Turns out the 5.5m people living there REALLY love a bitta Bey.

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Irish Beyoncé fans have already unofficially declared Saturday July 9 as BeyDay in honour of her Croke Park gig, but the people of Minnesota have gone one better.

The state, which lies in the north of the US and shares a border with Canada, named yesterday May 23rd as Beyoncé Day. The impressive decision was made to mark the date of Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour gig at the TCF Bank stadium in Minneapolis.

Governor Mark Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith posted an official decree on social media yesterday before the gig, giving a specific mention to Beyoncé’s ability to influence “many Minnesota girls and women with the powerful, positive messages in her music.”

They also referenced the fact that “thousands of Minnesotans” would be gathering at the TCF stadium to hear Bey perform, though they neglected to include the fact that it was a ticketed event, with fans paying hundreds of dollars to attend. Oh well.

In the end though, Minneapolis’s Beyoncé Day will be remembered for much more than her music, as severe thunder and lightening caused the concert to be delayed by over an hour, with fans evacuated into the stadium’s main concourse to wait out the storm.

Only the most extreme of weather conditions for our Bey!