Beyoncé Got A Full Tour Of Her Fav Netflix Show’s Set

Who knew Queen Bey was such a big fan?

Image via Instagram, @beyonce

So it turns out not only is Beyoncé a major Bridgerton fan, but she loves it so much that she got to go and have a full tour of the Netflix’ show’s set?! I mean, it’s Beyoncé, so naturally we’re jealous…but it’s also Bridgerton, so we’re extra green!


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Allegedly Netflix reached out to Bey when they heard she’d be visiting the UK for her Renaissance tour, offering her to come in and be shown around by the some of the stars.

Not one to turn down a golden opportunity like that, Beyoncé accepted, and visited a couple of lucky Bridgerton members to see the set up of the scenes while she was in London.

A source told The Sun that the set was put on lockdown, and that “everyone involved was told not to breathe a word.” They went on to say that it was “a huge moment for the cast and crew.” “She asked lots of questions and was really interested.” God, if only we knew what she wanted to know!


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The source also told The Sun that the cast members of Bridgerton were struck by Bey’s loveliness, and how “down to Earth” she seems. Ah, bless.

There’s no set date for season three of Bridgerton yet, but we’ll have Netflix at the ready when the time comes.