Bitch Falcon’s Fantasy Music Festival Is An Electric Funeral Of Long-Dead Greats

Bitch Falcon add to our fantasy festival imaginings with their Grave Escape shindig!

Bitch Falcon at Electric Picnic, 2015.

Bitch Falcon at Electric Picnic, 2015.

In STELLAR’s current issue we ask seven peeps what they’d plan if they had free reign to put on their own music fest. You can find that in the July issue of the mag, on sale now for €1.95 – it’s unmissable. Below, the ladies from Bitch Falcon tell us what they’d love to have happen at their fantasy music festival.

Our theme: the grave escape/electric funeral.

Who’d play: Our fantasy festival would feature all our idols who have gone before us. Headlining would be Bowie, Prince, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Ramones, Mötorhead, and Amy Winehouse. It’d be full of artists and bands who’ve lost a member to the other side.

Where it’d be: Given the theme it’d be fitting that it’d take place in the grounds of a big spooky castle in the countryside; stages in big old ballrooms-type thing. We’d bring ourselves, our mates of course, and a load of old sessioners who’d have been at the early days gigs of our favourite dead artists.

We’d nom: The food probably wouldn’t be too different to the festivals we play and go to in real life – actually, a Boojum stall would be a must. Doughnuts galore too. Drinks-wise we’d like to see a fancy cocktail theme – think VCC but with beer and cider thrown in some of the cocktails for good measure. It IS a festival, after all.

We’d sleep: Finally, this fantasy castle would also serve as accommodation for festival goers so no-one gets drowned out of it it in a tent! Everyone wins, dead or alive!