Blindboy Caught Out Lauren Goodger, Mike Hassini and Zara Holland In An Undercover Documentary

The three were caught red handed, agreeing to promote 'poisonous' products that they've never tried, basically.

Blindboy of the Rubber Bandits isn’t one to not have his say on matters, and rightly so, we’re all entitled to an opinion at the end of the day. And this week, ‘Blindboy Undestroys The World’ has been released, causing a bit of a stir and a pretty big problem for a select few reality TV stars.

The undercover documentary shows Lauren Goodger, Mike Hassini, and Zara Holland all agreeing to promote a diet drink, that contains hydrogen cyanide.

In the documentary, meetings were set up with each of the reality TV stars to chat about promoting the new drink ‘Cyanora’, and of course, the room was laced with hidden cameras. Lauren Goodger and her agent didn’t seem too fussed about the ingredients of the drink, or the fact that they wouldn’t be able to even taste the drink before they started promoting it. When told the diet drink included hydrogen cyanide, which was used in chemical warfare during the first world war, the response from Lauren’s agent was a tad worrying, ‘Cyanide, is that right?’ hmm.

The promoter of the fake drink then asked if it would be a problem that Lauren won’t be able to try the drink, before putting her name to it. Her agent replied ‘Half these posts you see, they’ve not even tried it’. Lauren then cheerfully replied ‘I never tried Skinny Coffee.’ Red flag alert. Lauren then chatted more about how not trying a product she promotes doesn’t really bother her, ‘No. I’ve even had my own friends message me. Laur, can you get me some of that Skinny Coffee, does it work?’ ‘I’m like do you not know this by now. They’re actually going and buying it and I’m like “you know how this works”.’ This all comes after Lauren’s followers criticized her promotion with Skinny Coffee, not believing that this is what aided her weight loss.

Her agent then chimed in, “If there was something bad in the ingredients or something that would make her look bad, for example, Skinny Coffee — everyone keeps saying it’s got laxatives in it. So, you know, Lauren being paid to take something that makes her shit herself.”

While this doesn’t look good for Lauren, she wasn’t the only one who agreed to go along with the promotion. Mike Hassini, a former TOWIE star, also agreed to promote the drink without actually trying it. He even recommended that they should use Instagram Stories over feed posts, because it would “make people believe that’s what you were actually up to” when it comes to #AD. While Zara had stated that it was “not a problem” before her agent disagreed and said she would have to try the product before promoting it.

Oh, how the other half live! You can check out the full documentary, ‘Blindboy Undestroys The World’ on BBC Three.


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