Blogger Clemmie Hooper Apologies For Posting Anonymous Comments On Other Bloggers

The mega mummy blogger is at the centre of a whole lotta' drama.

A bit of online drama never goes astray, sure what else would we be scrolling through at lunch time? Well, this time, Clemmie Hooper (otherwise known as Mother of Daughters) has found herself in some hot water within the mummy blogger community.

Clemmie took to her Instagram page (which has a following of over 673K, by the way) to admit that she has been anonymously online trolling her fellow influencers and bloggers, and even her husband, for the past eight months. She posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram Stories to explain her side of the situation and apologise. She started off by saying: “I know there are some rumours circulating and I want to take the opportunity to explain. Earlier this year I became aware of a website that had thousands of comment about my family and I. Reading them made me feel extremely paranoid and affected me much more than I knew at the time.”



She goes on to explain that her reasoning for setting up the anonymous account was in an attempt to sway the opinions of others online. Of course, this was bound to not have a happily ever after ending, as Clemmie continued “It became all consuming and it grew bigger than I knew how to handle. When the users started to suspect it was me, I made the mistake of commenting about others. I regret it all and am deeply sorry – I know this has caused a lot of pain.”

Posting under the name AliceInWanderLust on an anonymous website, Clemmie seemingly bullied a number of her friends, as well as her own husband, by posting rumours and negative comments about them on the site. When her identity was eventually uncovered, a number of fellow influencers took to Instagram to say their peace. Bethie Hungerford, aka @hungermama, posted to her Instagram Story about the situation, but decided to leave out any names.

“I’ve been debating all day what to do and say about getting trolled and bullied by a friend of mine online. This person has admitted to the bullying to all of the friends she has tried to spread rumours about online… it’s not whether or not this has happened – it’s that it has and she refuses to take responsibility for her actions.”

Bethie then continued, “I’ve encouraged her to come forward and get in front of it and she hasn’t,’ she continued, ‘I’m not going to name any names, I’m putting the ball firmly in her court to come clean and acknowledge her wrongdoing and apologise to all of the people she’s hurt.”

Bethie isn’t the only influencer to get involved, as many others from Susie J Verill to Laura Rutherford. We’ve a sneaky suspicion that this isn’t the last we’ll hear of the drama.


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