9 Brilliantly Irish Reactions To Bono Being Named ‘Woman Of The Year’

'Bono isn't even a contender for Bono Of The Year.'


Yesterday Glamour magazine announced the honourees on its annual Women Of The Year list. Among the familiar faces – Simone Biles, Melinda Gates, Zendaya, Miuccia Prada – was one unexpected addition: Bono.

While there’s no denying Bono has done incredible work for women’s rights and global poverty as part of the ONE Campaign, his inclusion on the list came as a surprise to some because, well… he’s not a woman.

“For years our Women of the Year Advisory Board has put the kibosh on naming a Man of the Year on the grounds that men aren’t exactly hurting for awards in this world… But these days most women want men — no, need men — in our tribe,” Glamour’s editors wrote in the intro to the 2016 list.

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Source: Glamour

Unsurprisingly, Irish Twitter has had a field day with the news. After all, it’s Bono. IT’S BONO. The man who sparked this oh-so Irish graffiti:

First a pox, now Woman Of The Year. A man of extremes, but we love him all the same.

Here are some of the most Irish reactions we’ve seen on social media so far…

1. This inspiring point

2. This, from someone attempting to explain the intricacies of Ireland’s relationship with Mr. Hewson.

3. This valid argument

4. This dig at 2016 in all its weirdness

5. This solid defence of Bono’s previous wins

6. This harsh but probably true point

7. Yup, us too.

8. This dream from one of Bono’s fellow women

9. This tribute to a strong, confident woman

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