Both Chrissy Teigen And Khloe Kardashian Are Taking Down The Haters That Are Criticising Their New Borns

Some people aye!

There has been a real baby boom in the celeb world in the past year. Three Kardashian/Jenner’s, Eva Longoria, Kirsten Dunst and Rachel McAdams to name but a few.

But with a celeb baby unfortunately comes criticism. At a time where new mothers should be able to privately recuperate with their new baba, the media and people on social media seem to rev up the scrutiny of the celebs lives.

Most recently, both Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen have hit out at social media users who have criticised their babies and parenting.

Khloe welcomed her first child, True, in April and has been gushing about her beautiful daughter ever since, sharing cute pictures of her on Instagram.

However, one of her followers has  cruelly trolled the baby. In a tweet that’s since been deleted, one of Khloe’s followers wrote: “Is it just me or is @khloekardashian baby, True, not cute at all?”

Khloe lashed back at the cruel comment on her Twitter:

Khloe faced a lot of criticism last week over a video she posted with True’s ears pierced. Some people strongly disagreed with Khloe’s choice and voiced their opinion on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend welcomed their second child, a son, earlier this month.

Chrissy is known for speaking her (hilarious) mind and offering us a refreshingly honest look at the realities of parenthood.

Chrissy took to Instagram to share a snap of her breastfeeding her newborn, as well as daughter Luna’s doll. She wrote: “Luna making me feed her babydoll so I guess I have twins now.”

But the funny snap brought out a hoard of comments from trolls.

One wrote: “Christ in a hand basket. Menstruating, childbirth and sex are natural, too, but that doesn’t mean I want to see pics of it and/or celebrities like @chrissyteigen taking a bath or nursing. We get it.”

Another said: “Since when is showing your Breast to the whole world “normal”? What kind of a world to we live in? ? don’t get me wrong, breastfeeding is wonderful, but it could easily be done in more “modesty” than this. Honestly.”

Chrissy quick took to Twitter to give a sassy response to the haters.

Give em a break, am I right?