Brett Oppenheim Breaks His Silence On Christine Quinn’s Exit From Selling Sunset

What will Selling Sunset be like without Christine? Well...Brett's spilling all the tea!

Who can forget Christine Quinn’s departure from Selling Sunset? To say it was messy, would be an understatement!

After series five’s premiere, the realtor called out the show’s “fake storyline,” and then just a few weeks later announced she and her husband announced the had established their own brokerage. Naturally this called in to question whether or not she would still be working at The Oppenheim Group, and appearing on the show. But Christine assured fans she would still be on Selling Sunset, just working at her own real-estate group…only for it to be announced Christine would not be returning to the show, just weeks after.

So…Messy. But maybe not as messy as we thought! As her former boss and co-star Brett Oppenheim just opened up about her departure and had only nice things to say.

Telling People: “This is our first season without her, and she’s a big loss because she’s made for reality TV,”


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As for if the former co-workers still get along, well it turns out they do.

As he explained: “We stay in touch, just not so often. Just mostly over Instagram or a text here and there.”

So it seems there is no beef, bad blood, or drama in sight! As for what season six will be like without Christine, Brett shared that it’s going really well and he has a lot of confidence in the show, despite his nerves after her departure.

Saying: “But I got to say, I might have had a little bit of concern going into season six, but I have no concern coming out of season six.”

“I’m really proud of this season, I think everybody stepped up, and it just ended up being unexpectedly an awesome season. So, all concerns have been completely diminished.” He also teased a massive drama in the upcoming series, saying: “some sh*t hit the fan just unexpectedly.”

Speculation the Texas native was leaving the group started after episode nine of the fifth season, in which Christine spoke to Chelsea about how dissatisfied she was.

Saying, β€œI really just feel it’s becoming difficult for me to just do my job because I’m constantly up against different bulls*** and I feel like I’ve just gotten to a point where I just don’t want to be in the office because it gets to a point where the drama is is affecting my business and I don’t want that. Put all your personal bulls*** aside; let’s just get work done.”

Continuing, β€œI’m just kind of thinking these days. I’m not desperate for a job. I’m intelligent, I can start my own brokerage. I can be a broker. I mean if Davina can do it, I can do it! I want to work for myself – be my own independent boss.”

But she did stress, β€œI’m not… these are things that I’m pondering in my head, but I don’t know. I’m not meant to be one of 92 in the office. That’s just not for me. I’m one of one.”


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