Bridget Jones Is Back Baby! As A Fourth Film Is Reportedly On The Way

Ohh we've been waiting for this!


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Bridget Jones has got to be one of the most iconic rom-coms of all time. From Bridget and Mark Darcy’s love story to the hilarious playboy bunny costume scene, the films have definitely earned a spot in history.

But now fans are in for a treat, as it seems we’ll be watching even more of Bridget’s antics in a FOURTH FILM!

The last installment, Bridget Jones’ Baby, was released in 2016 and followed Bridget as she got pregnant and tried to find out the father’s identity. According to The Sun, this next film would follow her as she raises her son.

And it seems star Renée Zellweger will be making our dreams come true and reviving her role for the next film. However, there is no word on if Colin Firth, a.k.a. Mark Darcy, will reprise his role but considering he has been in all three films we imagine he would make an appearance.

Hugh Grant, who played Daniel Cleaver, didn’t return for the third film but the creators did leave some room for him to comeback at the end of Bridget Jones’s Baby, so maybe he would make an appearance.

Taking Hugh’s place in the third installment was Patrick Dempsey, as new love interest Jack Qwant. But there is also no word on his involvement with the film. Who knows though, maybe they will all return leaving Bridget with three options this time around?


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The next film will reportedly be written by Helen Fielding, creator of the franchise.

With a source explaining to The Sun, “The producers always knew there was a huge market for another sequel when the right story was available, and this feels like the right time to tell it.”

“It will be seven or eight years since the last movie by the time this one hits the big screen, and fans will be desperate to find out what happened. It’s a British classic.”


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