Britney Spears Spills About Her Colin Farrell Fling

Yes– that Colin Farrell!


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In her new tell all memoir, Britney Spears is opening up about her life in the spotlight, and everything that went on behind closed doors.

The Slave 4 U singer will detail what it was like to live under a conservatorship until she was freed in November 2021, but also everything that led up to losing her freedom.

She reportedly discusses the moment when she shaved her head and was accosted by paparazzi, being cheated on by Justin Timberlake after he persuaded her to have an abortion, her relationship with her family, and also the romantic connections she experienced throughout her career.

One of these connections is, it turns out, none other than out very own Colin Farrell!

According to Time magazine, Britney and Colin had a brief two week fling, which Britney describes in her autobiography.

Allegedly Britney explains how when she was trying to get over Justin, a friend introduced her to the famous actor Colin Farrell, and the pair hit it off.

“Brawl is the only word for it,” Britney reportedly writes. “We were all over each other, grappling so passionately it was like we were in a street fight.” Okay, wow.


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“As I had before when I’d felt too attached to a man, I tried to convince myself in every way that it was not a big deal,” the pop star shares, continuing “that we were just having fun, that in this case, I was vulnerable because I wasn’t over Justin yet.”

However, Britney couldn’t help but develop, even briefly, real feelings for the In Bruges star.

“For a brief moment in time, I did think there could be something there.”


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Britney allegedly later notes in her memoir, “The disappointments in my romantic life were just one part of how isolated I became. I felt so awkward all the time.”

Our hearts – poor Brit.

The Woman In Me, Britney’s life story, is out October 24th.