But Whyyyy?! Here’s The Reason Emma Thompson Hasn’t Been Cast In The Love Actually Sequel

We're devo but there's still hope.

There’s no forgetting that heart-wrenching scene in Love Actually where Karen, played by Emma Thompson, discovers her husband’s infidelity when he gives her a Joni Mitchell CD for Christmas, instead of the necklace she was expecting.

It’s one of the most moving moments in the film which makes it all the more shocking that Emma Thompson hasn’t been cast in the upcoming Comic Relief Love Actually sequel.

The cast joined together yesterday to start filming the 10-minute short but Emma was noticeably absent.

So why’s she not in it? After all she played a pretty central character in the original, right?

Well, it seems it was just a little bit of an oversight in the rush to start production and thankfully there is a small possibility that Emma could be making an appearance.

“Oddly, we’re not quite sure [if she’ll be in it],” Love Actually director Richard Curtis told BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire. “It’s all been done in a great rush and I think not but I’m now thinking again.”

Okay, so it’s not concrete, but there’s definitely a teeny tiny glimmer of hope there, right? RIGHT?

The sequel is set to air on Friday 24th March on BBC One. We can’t wait!


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