Caitlyn Jenner Shares An Update On Kylie After Birth Of Baby No. 2

"I’ve got to be very quiet. I have got to be very sensitive when I talk about the family."

After Kylie Jenner welcomed her second child with Travis Scott, she’s understandably been off the grid. But it seems we finally have an update, thanks to Caitlyn Jenner.

The baby arrived on the 2nd of February, one day after their big sister Stormi’s fourth birthday.

Sharing the news on Instagram, Kylie kept the caption simple with the date of birth and a blue heart. And while she didn’t reveal the name majorly hinted at the sex of the baby, E! News confirmed that she has welcomed a baby boy.

Now, while appearing in a video call on Good Morning Britain, Caitlyn has revealed that Kylie is ‘doing great’.

When asked whether or not she’s met the baby yet, Caitlyn replied: “Oh, we’re going there. Yes, I have. The family is growing.”

She then added: “Kylie had her little boy, it was announced the other day. I’ve got to be very quiet. I have got to be very sensitive when I talk about the family. But they’re great, Kylie’s doing great, everybody’s doing good.

“I have the next one, the 20th grandchild, by my son Burt and his wife Val. They’re due in a month with a little girl. So I’m going for number 20 here in about a month. I can never keep all of the birthdays right, it’s all on computer.”

There’s no name revealed yet for the baby boy, but there’s plenty of guesses and theories already to what they may have named their bundle of joy. There’s three names in the ring for now, read more on that here.