Camila Mendes Has Opened Up About Being Drugged And Sexually Assaulted

“That set me on a whole inner turmoil.”

Actress Camila Mendeas has opened up about being sexually assaulted in college, and how she dealt with it.

The star, known for her role in Riverdale revealed that in her first year of college she hung out with a ‘sh*tty’ group of people.

“I made all sorts of sh*tty friends in college in the beginning,” Camila admitted, “Freshman year is in training wheels.”

“I had a very, very bad experience; I was roofied by someone who sexually assaulted me,” she told Women’s Health.

“That set me on a whole inner turmoil.”

Camila revealed that thankfully she had a strong friendship with one person in college, who helped her through the trauma of the assault.

“We were together a lot, so, at least I had him—he was there, and that like made everything great. He rooted me and grounded me in a way. I was constantly searching for security in other people,” she said.

The actress also got a tattoo which reads ‘to build a home’ across her ribs, which she got as part of the healing process.

“I got the tattoo after my freshman year,” she said. “It reminded me what’s important to me, building a home, within myself and in my environment.”

Camila also reveals that excercise helps her stay connected to her body, stating: “activity has always been an important part of my life.”

However, she added that while exercise is positive, it’s important to check with yourself when you need a rest too.

“People sometimes put working out first and don’t give their bodies rest,” Camila says. “I’ll always choose sleep first. I think it’s just so underrated.”

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