Cardi B Has Responded To Jameela Jamil Slamming Her For Promoting Detox Teas

This really is the last thing we thought she would say.

Earlier in the week, actress Jameela Jamil went on a Twitter rant about how she hopes celebs who promote detox teas “shit themselves in public”.

In her post, Jameela specifically targeted Cardi B, who posted an ad for ‘skinny tea’ brand Teami on her Instagram over the weekend.

Cardi saw the thread and decided to address the issue in the most Cardi way possible. She wrote, direct quote: “I will never shit my pants cause there’s public bathrooms… oooo and bushes.”

Honestly we agree with Jameela that detox teas are a bad habit to get into, but Cardi’s response is so hilarious we can’t help but laugh. BUSHES?? Now we know that, if it came to it, Cardi B would shit in a bush.


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