Carrie Bradshaw Has Returned To Our Screens And It’s For A Good Cause

Cosmo, anyone?

After the whole Sex and the City 3 drama, we thought we’d never see our gal Carrie Bradshaw again. However, the iconic character is back on screens once again, and boy did we miss her.

Sarah Jessica Parker has brought her most-loved character back to life in a promotion with Stella Artois, and yes, it’s an ad, but it’s for a good cause.

The ad first shows the Sex and the City character entering a restaurant (with the Sex and the City theme playing in the background), where she’s welcomed by the staff and immediately offered her signature drink: a cosmopolitan. When she turns it down, asking for a Stella Artois instead, it sends the restaurant into immediate shock and a frenzy. The music stops, waiters run around and food is spilled. But, Carrie gets her beer.

Then enters The Big Lebowski character The Dude, aka Jeff Bridges. The bartender assumes he wants a white Russian, his go-to beverage. But like Carrie, he changes his mind and asks for a Stella. Drink in hand, he goes and sits down at the table next to Carrie’s, who leans over to compliment his drink choice, to which he replies, “Changing can do a little good.”

We know what you’re thinking, how could SJP sell out Carrie like that for some coinage? Well, Stella Artois has teamed up with, a charity founded by Matt Damon, to provide a month of clean drinking water to someone who doesn’t have it for every Stella purchased from now until the end of March. So it was for a good cause, plus we’re super happy to see her again, aren’t you?

Both actors teased their characters’ re-appearances on social media last week. The ad will premiere during the US Super Bowl on February 3rd.