10 Interesting Facts You Might Like To Know About Chris Taylor

Yep, we did a deep dive so you don't have to.

We’re all talk about Chris Taylor this week after it was confirmed that he is in fact dating Miss Maura Higgins.

The pair confirmed their relationship on the eve of her 30th birthday while out in Dubai with friends. Writing “he’s mine”, Chris chimed in to say he “fell in love with his best friend” and yeah, it’s all extremely cute.

But what do we really know about Chris Taylor? Well, we’ve got all the facts right here!

Chris turned 30 earlier this year 

Similar to Maura, Chris hit the big birthday milestone this year, turning 30 in July.

His dad was once engaged to Denise Welch 

Admitting that it’s his “claim to fame” while entering the Love Island villa, Chris’ dad was once engaged to Denise Welch when Chris was 19. Only meeting her a handful of times, Chris admitted that she’s “lovely”.

He made “the salmon” a trademark move in the Love Island villa 

Although it’s claimed to be baltic and not worth getting into by many an islander, Chris made sure the pool got plenty use during his time in Love Island, bringing the “salmon” dive to everyone’s attention.

Chris and fellow islander, Harley Brash were the first couple to split post-villa in 2019 

Splitting just two weeks after leaving the villa together, a source told The Sun at the time that the pair found it “embarrassing” to be the first to split because “there’s so much pressure to stay together to make money.”

He has a serious love for tattoos 

Chris has a lot of ink, including a large piece on his chest of a woman and an owl which he got done in May 2019, saying “sorry mum!”

He has remained besties with fellow islanders since leaving the show

And no, we’re not talking about Maura here, we’re talking about his guy gang which includes Danny Williams, Michael Griffiths and Jordan Hames, also contestants of the 2019 season.

But he seems to have always remained closest to our leading Longford lady, Maura Higgins

She once saved him from Love Island elimination and well, the rest is history. Here’s them creating a BFF handshake in August 2019.

Read the caption, this post didn’t age well, LOL.

Before Love Island, Chris worked as a development manager

Yep, a life in sales wasn’t the one for him… juggling was always his preferred trade.

His first Instagram post is a photo of the sun setting in Leeds

Scenes in April, 2015.

He rated himself a “7.2 out of 10” before entering the villa 

Down to the very decimal, Chris explained that he’s the “full package”, yet still knocked himself down a little before entering the villa as he can be quite “stubborn and sometimes I can come across as a bit too hard to get.”

Well, there ya have it.


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