Alicia Vikander Did NOT Want To Talk About Michael Fassbender On Lorraine Today

Stop asking, Kate Garraway! Stop!

If a celebrity doesn’t want to talk about their private life, maybe don’t press them on it. That’s the lesson we’ve all learned from Alicia Vikander’s appearance on Lorraine today.

Kate Garraway was standing in for the host, and tried to move the conversation from the new Tomb Raider film to Alicia’s secret marriage to Michael Fassbender in Ibiza last year.

The actress didn’t look too thrilled about the line of questioning and replied briefly: “Well, I’ve had the most happy year.”

Undeterred, Kate ploughed on, telling Alicia being married “suits her” – Alicia responded that she smiles a lot these days, and an awkward silence descended again.

But Kate still wasn’t finished, saying that when she’d interviewed Michael Fassbender last year she found him to be “very private”. Alicia was left to deliver the final blow:

It’s a lovely thing to choose to be private, even though you have the kind of job that you do.

Ooof. Thankfully, Kate saw sense and chose a new topic, but not before everyone at home noticed the tension in the room.

Note to self, and everyone else: Never ask Alicia Vikander “How’s himself?” It won’t go over well.


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