Celebs In Isolation – Reese Witherspoon Turns 44 While Selena Gomez Talks Hand Hygiene

A look at our favourite A-Z listers from a distance, a good distance.

We’ve seen their homes on MTV Cribs, we know they have two pools, a tennis court AND a spa, so it’s about time we finally see these pads put to good use. Yes, we’re nosy but we’re just following the guidelines – creeping from a recommended distance. 

And so, while we quarantine and chill, we’re going to bring you all the celebrity iso-updates right here in this gossip column. 


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Kristen Bell is certainly going to the Good Place after her latest act of quarantine kindness.

The 39-year-old actor who is also a landlord has decided to waive the rent for her tenants for the month of April.

The actor alongside her equally talented husband, Dax Shepard, own two residential buildings in Los Angeles and now, all their tenants will live rent free for the next month. The pair decided on not collecting any rent for the next month as they urge people to stay indoors and mind themselves during this global health crisis.

Oh and their cute as a button daughter thought she made a cure for coronavirus by filling a syringe with coloured water, bless. See pic above.


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Emma Watson also joined the #IStayHomeFor movement last night.

“My grandma is over 70, so particularly vulnerable… My Mum is a type 1 diabetic and my best friend is a health care professional. #Istayhomefor them,” the star explained.

Joining the likes of Ashley Graham and Brooke Shields, the #Istayhomefor movement has now over 16,000 posts from people across the world.


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Meanwhile… Selena Gomez is also using her Insta for good.

Teaching us how to wash our hands correctly, she’s joining a different online movement, this one called #safehands and nominated her celeb friends to join in.

By completing the challenge you’re also learning the right way to remove all the bad bacteria from your hands and so, it’s a win win.

Now, can we do it to the beat of Come And Get It, that’s the question.


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The Kar-Jenners might be the most #BookedAndBusy family on the reg, but during quarantine they’re like the rest of us folk, trying to find ways to keep busy.

While Kim is spatting with Tay Tay (read more here), Kendall is taking to TikTok in the most “I need a hobby during lockdown” celeb move ever.

She joined her friend Fai Khadra to create this masterpiece.


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And while Kendall is TikToking, Kylie is chilling at home, showing off her natural ‘do. 

The 22-year-old billionaire showcased her natural short locks on Instagram last night. A rare occasion that we see the youngest Kar-Jenner without extensions or a bright wig, we love her natural lil’ bob.

And although she’s feeling bored, Kylie admitted that having Stormi prepped her for isolation when she spent nine months prior to her birth hiding from the public eye.

And lastly in today’s celeb roundup, Reese Witherspoon is celebrating turning another year older surrounded by her family. 

Revealing how she spent the day, the Legally Blonde said it was full of “poems, a home cooked meal, a wonderful performance from my friend, a long nature walk with my family…all gifts from the heart.”

Now that’s what we call stunnin’.

Can we also take a moment for how baby Reese (Ava Phillipe) is honestly her twin?! Mom goals right there.


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We’ll be back again on Friday to give you another rundown on all our favourite celebs and how they’re coping.


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