Doireann Garrihy Shares How She Got Over Her Breakup

Wise words, Doireann.

Breakups can be tough. You’re upset, you’re hurt, you’re doubting yourself and every possible life decision you’ve ever made.

Whether you’ve done the breaking up or been broken up with (or were in one of those relationships that somehow reached a mutual conclusion), going through a split can be hard and you need to make sure you’re minding yourself.

Luckily for us, Doireann Garrihy has just revealed what she does in order to get over a breakup – and it’s solid advice.

The new Dancing With The Stars presenter split from her boyfriend of three years Paddy Wilson back in April of this year, and took to Instagram the other day to share just how she got over the breakup.

During one of her signature social media Q&A’s, Doireann candidly opened up about how she got over the split after a follower asked her for breakup advice.

“Break-ups are horrendous no matter what happens, no matter who makes the decision, you are allowed to feel s**t,” she shared.


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“It puts question marks over everything, ‘Oh God, where am I, what am I doing?’

“For me, I make sure to get out into nature for at least an hour a day. That’s an annoying answer, I know it is because you’re like, ‘F*** off’,” she added.

“But actually, it was key for me to feel better. I would do at least an hour every day with Bert.”

Doireann also emphasised how important it is to surround yourself with people who “lift you up”.


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She said: “Make plans with those people and you might not feel like you’re getting better every day because one day you’re fine, and one day you’re bawling but you are healing. Time is the best and only healer.”

She finished up by explaining how you need to go through a stage of it constantly being on your mind, while after a while you’ll reach a breakthrough point.

“You’ll get to a point where you’re sick of mulling it over and then you can actively try to heal,” she concluded.

Wise, wise words Doireann!


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