Dominique Nugent Admits New Relationship Feels ‘Really Natural’ As She Shares First Photo

The pair rekindled their romance earlier this year.

Dominique Nugent has shared the first photo of her new boyfriend.

The pair who formally dated nine years ago rekindled their flame earlier this year. Finding happiness after her heartbreak split last year, Dominique admitted that her new relationship is “mad but exciting”, adding that she was “in a good place to meet someone even though she wasn’t “actively looking or expecting it”.

The pair are currently soaking up the sun in the romantic holiday hotspot, Santorini, Greece and both look beaming as they share their first snap together on social media.

Posing for the cover of STELLAR’s May issue earlier this year, Dominique admitted that it felt crazy to look back on life and the rollercoaster of emotions she’s felt in the past couple of months, explaining that so much has changed.

“It’s actually so mad to see such a shift in everything in my life. If you said to me this time 7 months ago that I would have met somebody new I never would have thought it would happen. And now I think that it was maybe supposed to work out this way…”

Continuing, Dominique spoke about how her new romance happened so naturally, revealing that she’s known her new man for quite some time and so, coming together didn’t feel strange.

“Y’know sometimes when people go through a breakup and they might go on Tinder a few weeks later and it’s just trying to mask the destruction of what’s happened or something like that. And I felt like I didn’t have that and the way it happened was really natural. It wasn’t me going online, it was just someone getting in contact after so many years, it kind of felt natural and normal. It is a little bit scary because I never thought I’d meet anyone again or have these types of feelings for anyone again, so it’s mad but it’s exciting. But I’m in such a different mindset and I was before this happened. I was in a good place to meet someone even though I wasn’t actively looking or expecting it. I would have happily been single for years, because I wouldn’t have sought it out. It’s exciting.”

Calling off her wedding last year after splitting from her longterm boyfriend, Dominique told STELLAR that it was important she made herself happy first before getting into a new relationship, adding that she felt like she went into this relationship in a much more “positive mindset” because of it.

“Everything does happen for a reason and I firmly believe that now,” she concluded.

We’re thrilled to see her looking so happy. Onwards and upwards.


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