Georgie Crawford Shares Heartbreaking Surrogacy Update Amid Rising Political Tensions In Ukraine

Georgie and her husband Jamie have decided to 'delay the surrogacy and wait for more stability in Ukraine'.


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Today, Georgie Crawford has shared an emotional update on her surrogacy journey. After multiple setbacks since it first began in January 2021, Georgie and her husband Jamie shared at the start of this year that they had been matched with a surrogate. Like Rosanna Davison and many others, the couple had embarked on their surrogacy journey via Ukraine, but sadly due to rising political tensions at the moment it has affected their plans.

Posting on social media this morning the wellness advocate and podcast host shared that their embryo transfer was due to take place yesterday, and the couple hoped that due to the current crisis they could pause this until things settled down. Sharing an update Georgie said; “Our clinic were so supportive but unfortunately our surrogate mother felt like she had to keep going in the process and was to be put forward to another family who felt ready to proceed.”

“When I say unfortunate, I mean unfortunate for us. I have no doubt in my mid that our surrogate made the best decision for her family. I thought about her all day long yesterday and have nothing but love in my heart for her.”


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Georgie also released a podcast episode today where she goes into a little more detail, as she felt it was “a bit strange to come onto Instagram to talk about this.” Speaking on her Soul Sisters podcast which she hosts with her friend, Claire Solan she said that last week the “reality of the situation between Ukraine and Russia really hit me.”

She shared that it was just as she was heading to an acupuncture appointment that she discovered their surrogate couldn’t wait another month like they had hoped. This is a decision Georgie said she completely understands; “I knew I had to let her go because I’m doing what’s best for my family, but she’s doing what’s best for her family, and she has to keep going.”

“She’s taking the medication, her body is ready for an embryo, she has to do what’s best for her family to protect herself.”

Continuing, Georgie added that during her appointment “something happened’ and she accepted the news saying “I felt different than when I walked in.”

However, this doesn’t make the news any easier to bear as she said; “I’ve woken up every single day praying that there would be a resolution to this, that we could go ahead with the transfer.” She also said that the clinic were so understanding and that she and Jamie have decided to; “delay the surrogacy and wait for more stability in Ukraine.”


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Finally she said; “My heart breaks when I look at Pia sometimes and I haven’t been able to give her a sibling before now but I know that it’s gonna happen for us and this is just a bump in the road. My heart is gonna be shattered tomorrow, but I’ve been in these rock bottom moments before and found a way out, and I know that I’ll get through it.”

Georgie and Jamie made the decision to have their second child via surrogacy as just seven months after they had their daughter, Pia, Georgie was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 32.

Thankfully she now has all the all clear, but she needs to stay on her current medication for at least five years under the recommendation of her doctors which has delayed her having a second child. She shared; “They don’t advise you to have a baby when you’re on Tamoxafen.”

This is why the couple have made the decision to have their second chid through surrogacy instead and Georgie has been incredibly open sharing the ups and downs of this journey so far. They had hoped they would be welcoming their second child before the end of this year, so our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.



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