Hailey And Justin Bieber Share Photos From ‘Special’ Joint Baptism

The pair held an intimate ceremony for their baptism surrounded by family and friends.


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The baptism of the Biebers.

Hailey and Justin Bieber took to Instagram last night to announce that they’ve been baptised together in a religious ceremony.

Sharing shots from the baptism in a lake, Hailey and Justin were “confessing our love and trust in Jesus publicly with our friends and family”, the Yummy singer wrote online.

Continuing, Justin noted it as one of the most “special moments of my life”. As Christian faith is central to the pair, their relationship blossomed after reconnecting at a church service in Hillsong Church in New York City. Then later married in 2018, before having their wedding ceremony for friends and family last year in South Carolina.


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And when it comes to raising a family, Justin has all intentions of having one with Hailey and raising their kids with the same beliefs as them. When asked about becoming a father, Justin told People:

“I’m a Jesus follower and I just want to be led by … when you accept Jesus, he says that now you walk with the Holy Spirit. So, I think I just want to be led by the Holy Spirit.”

Getting baptised by pastor Judah Smith, the pair were submerged in water during the ceremony at an unknown location but believed to be during the pair’s recent road trip. A moment they won’t forget we’re sure!