‘It’s Nice To Keep You To Myself A Bit,’ Doireann Garrihy Celebrates Boyfriend’s 29th Birthday

HB, Paddy!


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Doireann posted a sweet picture of herself and her boyfriend Paddy with their dog Bertie to celebrate Paddy’s birthday.

In the caption the she wrote, “Happy Birthday Pad. I don’t share a whole lot of you here because a) you’re kind of allergic to the oul insta and b) it’s nice to keep you to myself a bit. About time you joined the “29, feelin’ fine” club. Bert and I are lucky to have you.”

Doireann and Paddy were only together a couple of months before Covid hit, the pair moved in together and survived lockdown still loved up and happy.

Doireann spoke to VIP about being in a new relationship during lockdown in the latest issue of the magazine. She said:

“When Covid hit we had been together only a couple of months so I do feel we were kind of robbed – in a way – of all those couple ‘firsts’. France was our first proper holiday away together and so we tried to make the most of it.

“But also other things in terms of our relationship, like family meetings and stuff, we just haven’t been able to do them, really. We’ve a bit of catching up to do! I’m excited for that!

“We were very much thrust into the not-so-shiny-and-fun phase of cooking and cleaning and laundry. But so far, so good – we’re still here! In a way. I suppose, It’s nice that we have all the mundane stuff nailed and the more fun stuff to look forward to!”


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The pair are very cute online, even though they don’t share too much of their relationship.

Speaking on The Six O’Clock Show in 2020, Doireann opened up about her relationship with Paddy, and how he feels about having a girlfriend in the spotlight.

“For the most part I’m very lucky, I don’t get a whole lot of negative stuff online, and anything I do get, most days I can just brush it off.

“But I think if you’re with someone who isn’t in the public eye as well, you’re going to be that bit more protective,” she continued.

“I signed up to do public things and so if people want to bash me then fair enough, I’ve kind of put myself out there, but I would hate for that to be the case for Paddy.”


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Happy birthday, Paddy! We’re sure Dzoireann will spoil you.