Jamie Dornan Used To Share A Gaff With Some Seriously Famous Faces

Shooketh, I tell ya.

Listen, it’s safe to say most of us would die for the chance to live with Jamie Dornan. Yes, because he’s Jamie Dornan, but it turns out there is another reason we should all be applying to rent a place with the Belfast bloke. The group of lads Jamie lived with before becoming famous also became stars.

Back in 2008, when Jamie first moved to LA, he shared an apartment with fellow up and coming actors Eddie Redmayne, Andrew Garfield, Robert Pattinson, and Charlie Cox.

YES, all of them in an apartment together… we can’t even imagine the banter.

Jamie opened up about his time living with them, saying it was extremely fun. Even though they were auditioning for the same jobs, there was very little competition between them.

The Belfast star explained while on Live with Kelly and Ryan, saying, “We never felt like it was a competition. We’d audition for the same roles sometimes, and we’d even help one another prepare. Somehow we all found our way and managed to stay friends.

“We all ended up doing pretty well, but we weren’t doing pretty well at that time. It was a lot of going up for the same auditions, prepping each other to try to get the same work we’re all vying for. But it wasn’t really happening for us, and luckily over time, it all kind of worked out for us.”

Pretty well, is a bit of an understatement. Since rooming together, Jamie has starred in the 50 Shades franchise, The Fall, and his most recent project Belfast earned him a Screen Actors Guild nomination.

While Eddie has gone on to land roles in Les Misérables, the Fantastic Beasts film series and his role in The Theory of Everything garnered him several Academy Award nominations.

Andrew Garfield made it big with his performance as Spider-Man and recently starred in the massive success Tick, Tick…Boom! which also earned him a SAG nomination.

Robert Pattinson starred in Twilight and was announced as the next Batman, while Charlie Cox starred as the leading role of Daredevil in the Netflix show of the same name and in our very own Irish drama, Kin.

So it’s safe to say they’re doing better than “pretty well.”


It was definitely in their younger days as Jamie revealed their fridge was full of “mostly beer, you know. There was probably like a couple of, you know, frozen pizzas in the in the freezer. Usually, some sort of like cold cut meats you know like some turkey slices and salami and stuff to like survive.”

While they’ve all grown up since then, the boys still remember all the great craic they had together. In an interview, Jamie and Eddie even revealed one of the adventures from their early days in Hollywood.

As Eddie explained, “One day we went to a Pottery Barn or something, and we made some crockery. We made plates and clay pots, and I remember we wrote the names of all these actors who were our gang.”

Eddie even revealed that he still has all the pottery they made together. Awww, where do we apply to move in with them?

Words by Slaine McKenna